Monday, February 27, 2012

Calling London

Walter Font, our curator, is working on the 75th anniversary edition of the Old Fort News. While going through our archives to pull photographs for the issue, he pulled this photograph which he thought our blog readers would like to see. The copy below the photo was saved with the image.

The first telephone call made between Fort Wayne, Indiana, and London, England, made February 10, 1927 by means of wire land lines and radio over the Atlantic ocean (sic). The call was made by Mr. Frank E. Bohn, Vice President and General Manager of The Home Telephone and Telegraph Company of Fort Wayne, who talked with Sir Alexander Roger, Chairman of the Telephone Development Association of Great Britain.

Those “listening in” in the picture, seated left to right are:

1. E. A. Crane, Pres. Rotary Club

2. Agatha Diek, Sec’ty Board of Works

3. J. T. Johnson, Board of Works

4. Wm. S. O’Rourke, Board of Works

5. Wm. E. Geake, Mayor of Fort Wayne

6. Frank E. Bohn, V.P. & Gen. Mgr., The Home Tel. & Tel. Company

7. C. M. Neizer, Pres. H.T. & T. CO.

8. Walter Kavanaugh, Chief of Police

9. G. Max Huffman, Director H.T. & T. Co.

10. Ed. M. Wilson,

11. C. I. Kuppinger, Representing A. E. Inc., Chicago

12. Angus McCoy, Board of Works

Standing, left to right:

1. E. C. Miller, Director H.T. & T. Co.

2. O. Marahrens, Sec’ty H.T. & T. Co.

3. Robt. Snyder, Sec’ty Rotary Club

4. Arthur Remmel, Editor Ft. Wayne News-Sentinel

5. L. G. Ellingham, Owner Ft. Wayne Journal-Gazette

6. Thos. Snook, Board of Works

7. C. I. Hall, Research Dept. G. E. Co.

8. W. A. Bohn, Director H.T. & T. Co.

9. L. H. Moore

10. H. E. Bodine, Sec’ty Chamber of Commerce

11. B. J. Griswald, Sec’ty Real Estate Board

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