Monday, May 24, 2010

Top 10 WORST History Center Slogans

As the marketing committee worked on creating brand standards several years ago, one of our favorite parts was kicking off the initial brainstorming session by thinking up the WORST possible slogans. (As all creatives know, the bad ideas are lurking—it helps to get them out of the way as soon as possible).

We came up with nearly 50, and I thought the 10 best deserved a tip of the hat in the historical record, so here they are.

10. The History Center—where your teachers spend their summers!

9. Visit the past. You may never want to leave.

8. If you don’t come to The History Center, I’ll beat you with my cane!

7. A great old-timey building filled with old-timey things you should know about.

6. Yes, you have to pay to see our old junk!

5. The History Center: Northeast Indiana’s Center for History!

4. Come discover the dead guys our streets are named after!

3. Learn the stories of people you never knew doing stuff you don’t care about.

2. See Hugh McCulloch spring to life at The History Center.

And the number 1 WORST possible slogan...

1. The History Center—Minutes and Minutes of Fun!

Addendum: I had a group of professional writers as my ad hoc judges panel for the "best" WORST slogans….they were apparently so inspired, they made some contributions of their own. Here they are.

- The History Center: Home of Hoosier Erectus
- Bringing you history since 1921…because nothing good happened before that.
- The History Center: Not as lame as you think!
- Those who don’t remember the past have obviously never spent a day at The History Center.
- The History Center: Older than Disco!

What’s your worst slogan? Make a comment below…if it’s funny enough, I will post it. (Ah, the powers of comment moderator!)

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